Poe Cable vs Cat6: The Power and Performance Differences

When it comes to networking in Dubai, UAE, the choice between POE Cable vs Cat6 is essential. PoE cables deliver both data and electrical power to devices like IP cameras and VoIP phones, streamlining installations. Meanwhile, Cat6 cables offer high-speed data transmission, ideal for demanding applications. Understanding the unique advantages of each option is crucial for businesses and individuals seeking reliable networking solutions in the dynamic urban landscape of Dubai, UAE.

I. POE Cable vs Ethernet Cable

POE Cable vs Ethernet Cable In Dubai

With the use of a single Ethernet cable, power and data can be transmitted thanks to a technique called power over Ethernet (PoE). Devices like wireless access points, VoIP phones, and network cameras can all benefit from this. 

  • Standard Ethernet cable: This type of cable can be used for both PoE and non-PoE applications. It has four pairs of wires, two of which are used for data transmission and two of which are used for power transmission.
  • Shielded Ethernet cable: This type of cable is less common than standard Ethernet cable, but it is better suited for POE Cable vs Cat6 applications. It has a shielded sheath that helps to reduce noise and interference.
  • When to use a PoE cable:
  • When you need to power a device over a single Ethernet cable
  • When you need to reduce cable clutter
  • When you need to improve reliability
  • When to use an Ethernet cable:
  • When a single Ethernet cable is sufficient to power a device
  • When you are on a budget
  • When you do not need the shielding that a PoE cable can provide

II. POE Cable Requirements

POE Cable Requirements In 2023
  • Cable Type: Use Category 6 (Cat6) or Category 6a (Cat6a) Ethernet cables.
  • Cable Length: For best results, keep the cable length under 100 meters (328 feet).
  • Shielding: When considering shielded (STP) cables in high-interference zones
  • Power Delivery: For Power over Ethernet (PoE), ensure the cable supports the required wattage (e.g., 15.4W for PoE or 30W for PoE+).
  • Quality: Choose high-quality cables to reduce signal loss and ensure reliability.
  • Cable Management: Properly manage and label cables for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

III. Cat6 Poe Cable

Cat6 Poe Cable In UAE
  • Convenience: Installing and managing devices can be made simpler by using a Cat6 PoE cable to replace the requirement for separate power cords.
  • Reliability: POE Cable vs Cat6 is a reliable way to power devices, even over long distances.
  • Flexibility: Cat6 PoE cable is a flexible choice for a multitude of applications since it can power a broad range of devices. 
  • VoIP phones: POE Cable vs Cat6 can be used to power VoIP phones, eliminating the need for separate power cords.
  • Security cameras: Cat6 PoE cable can be used to power security cameras, making it easier to install them in remote locations.
  • Wireless access points: POE Cable vs Cat6 can be used to power wireless access points, extending the range of your Wi-Fi network.
  • LED lighting: Compared to conventional lighting, LED lighting is more economical and energy-efficient when powered via a Cat6 PoE connection.
  • Other devices: Cat6 PoE cable can also be used to power a variety of other devices, such as point-of-sale terminals, industrial automation equipment, and medical devices.

A. Which Ethernet Cables Support POE?

Cat6 POE Distance

Ethernet cables that support Power over Ethernet (PoE) include Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7. These cables are designed to carry both data and electrical power to devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, and access points. Cat5e can support up to 30W, while Cat6 and higher can handle up to 100W of power for PoE devices.

B. Is PoE The Same As Cat6?

Devices can be powered via an Ethernet cable thanks to a technique called PoE (Power over Ethernet). Ethernet cables that support are known as POE Cable vs Cat6.

But not every Cat6 cable is made equally. Some Cat6 cables are not designed to handle the heat generated by PoE, which can lead to performance problems or even damage to the cable.

It’s crucial to pick a Cat6 cable that has been specially graded for PoE when choosing one for PoE.  These cables will have thicker copper conductors and better insulation, which will help to dissipate heat and prevent damage.

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