Crucial 8GB DDR3L -1600 SODIMM Memory CT8G3S186DM

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CT8G3S186DM – 8GB SODIMM DDR3L 1866MHz PC3L-14900 for Macbook Memory


A small and powerful memory module, the SODIMM DDR3 8GB is made for laptops and other small form factor PCs. Its 8GB capacity gives enough room for efficient multitasking, the use of resource-high-intensive apps, and the management of multimedia chores. It allows rapid data transmission improving system responsiveness and cutting down on load times by operating at a DDR3 speed. For smooth performance upgrades, Crucial 8GB DDR3L this RAM module is designed especially for laptops, ultrabooks, and tiny PCs it is perfect for mobile devices because of its low power consumption and effective design, which helps to long-lasting battery life. The SODIMM DDR3 8GB is a dependable option for increasing your laptop’s capacities whether you’re a student, professional, or gamer.

Is DDR3L faster than DDR3?

In terms of high speed, DDR3L is not faster than DDR3, although it has several benefits. DDR3L uses less energy and produces less heat since it works at a lower voltage than DDR3, which is generally 1.5V. DDR3L is, therefore, more suited for laptops and other portable electronics, where energy economy is difficult. DDR3 has a greater voltage and is typically somewhat slow rate transfer speeds because of the lower voltage, it is a because of its power-saving features.

What does the L mean in DDR3L?

In DDR3L, the “L” stands for “Low Voltage.” In comparison to normal RAM DDR3 memory modules, DDR3L runs at a lower voltage. DDR3L works at a lower voltage of 1.35 volts as opposed to conventional RAM DDR3, which operates at 1.5 volts. DDR3L memory is highly energy-efficient and ideal for usage in laptops, notebooks, and other mobile devices as a result of the voltage drop that it undergoes. Additionally, DDR3L is backward compatible with DDR3, allowing it to be utilized in systems that can accommodate either kind of memory, giving system upgrades and replacements additional options. 

Is DDR3L Faster Than DDR4?

No, DDR3L is not quicker than DD4. DDR4 memory offers quicker and more rapid data transfer rates than DDR3L memory. DDR3L frequently operates at lower clock speeds and performs worse than DDR4 even though it consumes less power than regular DDR3. The preferred option for modern PCs, DDR4 memory modules run at faster rates than DDR3L, ranging from 2133 MHz to 3200 MHz and beyond, and provide improved performance for multitasking, gaming, and memory-intensive activities.

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