Crucial CT102464BD160B – 8 GB DDR3 PC

1. Tested to withstand a 6.5-foot accidental drop3.

2. Shock, vibration, and extreme temperature resistant.

3. comes with USB C – C Cable ( SB 3.2 Gen 2).

4. PC, Mac, PS4™, Xbox One, Android compatible.

5. SIZE JUST 69MMx 64MMx 11 MM

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CT102464BD160B – 8 GB DDR 3 PC 12800/ PC Mhz 1600 For Desktops

Crucial DDR3 4GB RAM (Crucial CT102464BD160B)

The Crucial DDR3 4GB RAM(Crucial CT102464BD160B) is made to increase your computer’s speed and performance and you easily operated multiple task capabilities. It has 4GB capacity RAM that offers a significant boost in memory, allowing smoother running of applications and better overall system responsiveness. The DDR3 technology makes sure it is fast data transfer rates and efficient power consumption. It’s an estimated solution for upgrading older systems or building new ones that require dependable and affordable memory. If you’re a casual user, gamer, or professional, this RAM(Crucial CT102464BD160B) is made help to improve your computing experience by providing additional memory for seamless multitasking and enhanced performance. 

What is The Difference Between DDR3 and DDR3L?

Computer memory comes in two flavors, DDR3 and DDR3L, although their voltage requirements are different. While DDR3L (Low Voltage) runs at a low voltage of 1.35V or 1.28V, DDR3 operates at a regular value of 1.5V. Different degrees of power consumption and heat creation result from this voltage mismatch. DDR3L is commonly found in laptops, it is in tiny form factor systems, and devices where energy efficiency is crucial, as it consumes less power and produces less heat. DDR3, with its higher voltage, is typically used in desktops and larger systems. Compatibility with voltage levels is the key factor when selecting between the two DDR3 and DDR3L.

How do I know if my RAM is DDR3 or DDR3L?

To examine if your RAM is DDR3 or DDR3L, you can check the feature either physically on the RAM module or through your computer’s settings. If examining the module, look for labels or markings signal of “DDR3” or “DDR3L.” In your computer’s settings, such as the BIOS or system information, you can easily identify the RAM type. If your RAM uses less power, it’s likely DDR3L. Ensuring compatibility with your system’s voltage requirement is essential when examining which type of RAM you have in your computer.

Crucial DDR3 4GB RAM

The Crucial DDR3 4GB RAM module increases your system’s performance and multitasking capabilities. It has 4GB capacity, and it boosts memory for smoother application implementation. Ideal for upgrading or building systems requiring reliable and cost-effective memory. 

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