Crucial CT51264BF160B – 4GB DDR 3 PC 12800/ PC 1600 Mhz

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CT51264BF160B – 4GB DDR 3 PC 12800/ PC 1600 Mhz Notebook

The Crucial CT51264BF160B is a 4GB DDR3 notebook RAM module designed to help your system run faster and smoother, and With a speed of either PC12800 (1600MHz), it offers faster data processing, smoother multitasking, and improved overall system responsiveness. This module is an excellent choice for upgrading your laptop’s memory, enabling you to run applications more efficiently and handle larger workloads. The 4GB capacity provides ample space for various tasks, and the high-speed rating ensures seamless operations. Upgrade your notebook with the CT51264BF160B for enhanced performance and a more enjoyable computing experience.

What is The Voltage of CT51264BF160B?

The CT51264BF160B operates at a standard voltage of 1.35V, making it energy-efficient and compatible with various notebook systems. This lower voltage not only helps reduce power consumption but also contributes to cooler operation, enhancing the overall stability and lifespan of your laptop. With its 4GB capacity and efficient voltage usage, the CT51264BF160B is a reliable choice for upgrading your notebook’s memory, boosting performance, and ensuring seamless multitasking for an improved computing experience.

What is The Full Form of DDR3 4GB RAM?

The full form of DDR3 4GB RAM is “Double Data Rate 3 4 Gigabyte Random Access Memory.” DDR3 refers to the third generation of Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory, a kind of computer memory that, in comparison to its forerunners, has fast data transmission speeds. The “4GB” indicates the RAM’s capacity to store and quickly access data for improved system performance. DDR3 4GB RAM is commonly used in laptops and desktops to enhance multitasking, application performance, and overall computing speed by providing sufficient memory space for running various software and processes simultaneously.

Best Crucial CT51264BF160B Ram Memory

The Crucial CT51264BF160B RAM memory stands out as a high-performance upgrade for laptops. With its 4GB capacity and DDR3 technology operating at 1600MHz, it offers a significant boost to system speed and multitasking capabilities. Designed for seamless compatibility, it’s an ideal choice for enhancing overall performance and responsiveness. The low 1.35V voltage ensures energy efficiency and reduced heat generation, contributing to system stability and longevity. Upgrading with Crucial CT51264BF160B RAM enhances your laptop’s processing power, making it perfect for smoother application handling, faster data access, and an improved computing experience.

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