JM4800ASE-32G Transcend 32GB DDR5 RAM

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Enhance the performance of your notebook with this Transcend JetRam JM4800ASE-32G Unbuffered SO-DIMM RAM Module. Sporting the 262-pin SO-DIMM form factor, you can easily install this module into your DDR5-compatible notebook.

Each module gives you 32GB capacity with a base transfer speed of 4800 MHz and a power saving of 1.1 volts. On-die Error Correction Code (ECC) detects and automatically repairs coding to ensure proper operation and stability, useful in server-grade and business-level systems.

The JM4800ASE-32G RAM memory card is the perfect solution for upgrading your device’s memory and boosting its performance. With a capacity of 32GB, this memory card can store more data and run more applications simultaneously, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.

The JM4800ASE-32G is a high-quality memory card that is compatible with a wide range of devices, including desktops, laptops, and servers. It uses DDR4 technology, which provides faster data transfer rates and improved power efficiency compared to older DDR3 memory cards.

Installing the JM4800ASE-32G RAM memory card is easy and hassle-free. Simply insert it into the designated slot on your device’s motherboard, and you’re ready to go. It’s also compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Transcend’s new-gen DDR5 JetRam memory modules are manufactured with true ETT grade, brand-name DRAM chips that have passed Transcend’s strict screening process and testing.

Best DDR5 features two independent 32-bit channels that bring speeds to 4,800 MT/s. 1.1V low working voltage and PMIC effectively reduce signal interruption while cutting down power consumption for your computer. On-die ECC automatically spots and corrects data errors, enhancing data integrity and system stability.

Best JM4800ASE-32G Technicals Details

Unbuffered SO-DIMM
Speed 4800
CAS Latency CL40
Capacity 32GB
Rank x Org. 2Rx8
Component Composition (2Gx8)x16
Voltage 1.1V
Pin Count 262 pin
PCB Height 1.18 inches

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