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Kensington brings the best-wired USB Headset with Microphone (K33065WWE). It has a microphone, volume, and USB C + USB 3.0 ADAPTOR to give you an awesome sound experience.

Here is a brief about its features-

  1. 40mm drivers with deep bass and a wide dynamic range deliver an excellent listening experience.
  2. The microphone can rotate up to 270° including a 1.8m USB cable.
  3. A noise-canceling microphone uses passive resistance technology to filter out ambient noise for optimum speech clarity.
  4. Easily adjust the volume and mute the microphone with easy-to-reach controls built right into the USB cable.
  5. Safe listening limit sets the maximum output to 94dB to protect ears
  6. Work with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook devices.
  7. USB C Adaptor included using old and new systems.
  • Audio Technology: USB-A
  • Cord Length: 6ft (1.8m)
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Noise Cancelling: Yes

Headsets are one of the most commonly used accessories. They are used while playing video games & watching movies. Other best use is attending personal/official calls, and listening to music. Headsets help maintain privacy. They avoid disturbing others sitting around the listener. So next time when you listen to your favorite music or watch the latest Hollywood or Bollywood flick try out Kensington’s USB headset with part number K33065WWE.

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