Displayport Extension Cable 5Gbps


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A DisplayPort extension cable is a crucial accessory for enhancing connectivity and flexibility in the vibrant tech hub of Dubai, UAE. The seamless transfer of high-quality video and audio signals over larger distances is made possible by these cables, which increase the reach of DisplayPort connections. Whether for gaming, professional presentations, or home entertainment, DisplayPort extension cables are indispensable in this cutting-edge city within the UAE.

I. Displayport Male-to-Female Extension Cable

  • Extend the reach of your DisplayPort cable. DisplayPort extension cables are a great way to extend the reach of your existing DisplayPort cable, allowing you to connect your monitor to your computer or other source device even if it is further away.
  • Add flexibility to your cable setup. DisplayPort extension cables can also be used to add flexibility to your cable setup. For example, you can use an extension cable to route your DisplayPort cable behind a desk or through a wall.
  • Support high resolutions and refresh rates. DisplayPort extension cables can support a wide range of resolutions and refresh rates, including up to 8K resolution at 60Hz and 4K resolution at 144Hz. For use with top-tier gaming monitors and other displays, this makes them perfect.
  • Easy to install and use. DisplayPort extension cables are easy to install and use. To use the cable, just connect the female end to your DisplayPort monitor or other display and the male end to your DisplayPort source device. 
  • Affordable and available. DisplayPort extension cables are cheap and available from a variety of retailers.

A. Can You Extend a DisplayPort Cable?

Yes, you can extend a DisplayPort cable using an extension cable or a signal booster for longer distances, but ensure compatibility and signal quality preservation.

B. How Long Can You Extend DisplayPort?

The maximum length of a DisplayPort cable is 15 meters (49 feet), but you can use a DisplayPort extender to extend it beyond that distance. Active amplification is a technique used by DisplayPort extenders to strengthen the signal and enable it to travel farther without sacrificing quality. There are a variety of DisplayPort extenders available, with different lengths and capabilities. For example, some DisplayPort extenders support resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz, while others support higher resolutions and refresh rates.

USB-C 3.1 Extension Cable(5Gbps)for PC

*USB 2.0 speed up to 480Mbps
*Connector nickel-plated
*Tin-plated copper core
*Environmentally friendly
*Length – 0.5M

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