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HDMI Male to Male cables are a crucial component in today’s digital world, seamlessly transmitting high-definition audio and video signals. Whether you’re in Dubai, UAE, or anywhere else, these connectors ensure a crisp and immersive multimedia experience, connecting various devices such as TVs, monitors, and gaming consoles. Their versatility and reliability have made them an essential tool for home entertainment and professional settings in the bustling city of Dubai and across the UAE.

I. HDMI Male to Male Adapter

  • Connects two HDMI devices together
  • Extends the reach of an HDMI cable
  • Can be used to split an HDMI signal to multiple displays
  • Supports high-definition video and audio
  • Easy to use, plug-and-play design
  • Available in a variety of lengths

II. HDMI Male to Female

  • Allows you to connect two HDMI cables together
  • Can be used to extend the length of an HDMI cable
  • Can also be used to connect two HDMI devices that are not directly compatible
  • Supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD
  • Compatible with all HDMI devices
  • Easy to use, simply plug and play

III. HDMI Female Connector

  • HDMI female connectors are the ports that HDMI cables plug into. They are typically larger and recessed than HDMI Male to Male connectors, which are found on the other end of HDMI cables.
  • HDMI female connectors are found on a variety of devices, including TVs, monitors, projectors, computers, and game consoles.
  • There are two main types of HDMI female connectors: Type A and Type D. Type A connectors are the most common type of HDMI connector and are used for most HDMI devices. 
  • Some portable electronics, including smartphones and tablets, employ Type D connectors because they are smaller. 
  • HDMI female connectors can support a variety of resolutions and refresh rates, including 4K Ultra HD and 8K Ultra HD.
  • When choosing an HDMI Male to Male cable, it is important to make sure that the cable has the correct connector type for your devices.

A. Are There 2 Types of HDMI Ports?

HDMI is both input and output, depending on the device it is used on. A device with an HDMI input can receive video and audio signals from another device, while a device with an HDMI output can send video and audio signals to another device.

Usage Scenario Description
*HDMI cable is designed for connecting a Blu-ray player, computer, AV receiver, Roku, PS 3/4, Xbox One/360, Nintendo Wii, or other HDMI-compatible devices to your TV, HDTV, monitor, or projector.
*Supports 4K, 1080P Full HD, 3D, Ethernet Channel, Max 48-Bit Deep Color and Audio Return Channel (ARC), audio video sync, HDCP compliant.
*Excellent Construction: triple shielding of ground wire plus aluminum foil plus braid block EMI and ensure a stable signal transmission; gold-plated connectors anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion and transfer stable signal.
*Widely compatible with all HDMI devices, such as Blu-ray player, computer, AV receiver, Roku, PS 3/4, Xbox One/360, Nintendo Wii, TV, HDTV, monitor, or projector.

*Support 1080P@60Hz 3D
*Directional with IC(IC OD18mm)
*25M-35M: 26AWG+IC, OD8.0mm
*40M-50M: 24AWG+IC, OD 9.0mm
(IC信号放大器起到稳定显示的作用 IC signal amplifier for stable display)
*Length: 30M
Need to be customized
support 1080P 3D
Directional with IC(IC OD18mm)
60M-70M: 24AWG. 2 IC, OD 9.0mm,
80M-100M: 24AWG, 3 IC. OD 9.0MM


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