HDMI To VGA+3.5mm Audio With Power Port Converter MM103


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Usage Scenario Description
*A separate micro USB cable is included on HDMI to VGA converter and optional for power, which optimizes its compatibility with more devices, for example, MacBook Mini in 2014, Apple TV, Rasberry Pi, Smart Android TV Box, and other devices with low-power output HDMI port
*HDMI to VGA with built-in chipset, converts HDMI digital signal to VGA analog signal. It is not bi-directional, and only transfers signal from HDMI source devices to VGA displays or monitors.
*HDMI to VGA female adapter compatible with Apple TV, PC, Laptop, Ultrabook, Rasberry Pi, Chromebook, Macbook, Roku streaming media player, Smart TV Box, and other devices with HDMI interface.
*HDMI to VGA with audio converter support Video output in VGA: 1920*1080@60Hz(Max). VGA can only process Video signals, but this adapter additionally provides with a 3.5mm line-out jack. Let you connect this adapter to your TV or external speakers through a 3.5mm jack audio cable(sold separately)
*Active HDMI to VGA converter connects your new NoteBook, Laptop, Macbook, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi with HDMI interface to projector, Display, LCD, TV & Monitor with VGA interface for big screen viewing. A VGA male-to-male cable (sold separately) is required.

*Input:HDMI Male+Micro USB Port
*Output:VGA Female+3.5mm Audio
*Micro USB Port for power supply
*Cable Length: 25cm
*ABS Case+ Environmental Jacket
*With USB power supply cable
*Color: Black


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