JM4800ASE-16G Transcend Laptop RAM DDR5

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JM4800ASE-16G DDR5 memory modules feature two transfer channels for blazing-fast speeds. 1.1V low voltage, PMIC, and on-die ECC bring unprecedented performance and stability to your computer. DDR5 adopts two independent 32-bit transfer channels, which provide higher transfer speeds and increase storage efficiency.

The optimized performance is ready to support professional works including graphic design, programming, and video editing. DDR5 working voltage is merely at 1.1V and it is designed with a power management IC (PMIC), which allows better energy control and reduces power interference.

Transcend`s Standard memory modules are manufactured with Major-grade, branded DRAM chips that have passed Transcend`s strict screening process and rigorous environmental testing.

JM4800ASE-16G DDR5 laptop memory modules become available, their product descriptions are likely to include specifications such as:

  1. Capacity: The amount of memory offered by the module, typically measured in GB.
  2. Type: DDR5 SDRAM
  3. Speed: The clock speed of the memory module, measured in MHz or GHz.
  4. Form Factor: The physical size and shape of the module, which may vary depending on the laptop model.
  5. Voltage: The voltage required by the module to operate.
  6. Error Correction: Whether the module includes error-correcting code (ECC) for improved data reliability.
  7. Buffered or Unbuffered: Whether the module is buffered (registered) or unbuffered (unregistered).
  8. Higher Speeds: DDR5 memory modules are expected to have higher clock speeds than DDR4, which will result in faster data transfer rates and improved overall system performance.
  9. Improved Power Efficiency: DDR5 uses less power than DDR4, which will result in improved power efficiency and longer battery life in laptops.
  10. Greater Capacity: DDR5 is expected to support higher memory densities, which will allow for greater capacity per memory module. This means that laptops will be able to support more memory overall, which will benefit users who need to run memory-intensive applications or multiple applications simultaneously.

JM4800ASE-16G Technicals Details

Product Type
Laptop RAM card
Memory 16 GB
Memory units 1
Memory size per module 16 GB
262-pin SO-DIMM
Clock speed 4800 MHz
Latencies CL40
Data integrity check ECC
Single Rank, Unbuffered
Factory color Green
Operating voltage 1.1 V
Memory technology DDR5
Model JetRam
Product type description Speicher

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