K81175WW – W2000 Pro 1080p Auto Focus Webcam

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1. The 75 diagonal field of view is ideal for team meetings, lectures, or presentation.

2. The integrated lens cover allows you to control when you are seen.

3. Glass lenses for high-quality video at 1080p (1920×1080 @ 30fps) with automatic focus.

4. Use Kensington Konnect to optimise your focus, lighting, and experience.

5. Adjust your webcam up to 37 vertically and 360 horizontally.

6. Take control with electronic pan, tilt, and 2x zoom (ePTZ) to showcase you or team.

7. Two omnidirectional stereo microphones with noise-reduction technology.

8. Accommodates both USB-A and USB-C devices such as laptops and tablets.

9. Meets MIL-STD-810H for Contamination by Fluids with disinfectants with no degradation.


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